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Need To Know: Amazing Features Of PS Remote Play Application For Android Devices To Make It Better | Revealed

These two features mean a huge improvement in Remote Play, specially for 802.11ax devices. One feature that is under utilized is share play on PS4. Works like remote play except another user connects from a different location connects and controls the game. I have a DS4 that I keep downstairs, I paired it with remote play app on my android so I can hop on for a minute sometimes. There is a similar app for XBOX called OneCast but I have moved away from it because the XCloud app is just simply amazing. It’s always been bad for me as well, too much lag for me to want to play it, so I hope it can create a direct wifi connection with the client device like it already does for the Vita on PS4.

  • As long as you have the console and a reliable internet connection, there’s nothing that can stop you from playing.
  • If these two devices move out of range, or you take them to another house or hotel, they will default to the local wireless connection.
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  • Some or all video content might not be displayed on your device depending on the game or video service.

I was playing on Wi-Fi, so it’s possible that playing on a wired connection could improve the reliability. It’s also likely that Valve will improve performance as the Remote Play Together moves out of beta. As you can see in the video, Remote Play Together has a compressed look to it. If you watch Erron’s entire video, you’ll see that he has several moments where the game appears to freeze. Remote Play Together works by broadcasting the hosts screen to the other players.

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Depending on the location of your PS4 and router, it may be faster to choose one over the other. To make this worse, it can even vary from within the house. When I am downstairs it’s faster to connect via the internet, when upstairs its faster to connect directly. It is annoying as hell if you move around the house, but it is the price to pay. You can set this setting in the remote play section of the settings.

Turn on the option and you’ll be able to flip through the PlayStation’s menus and control playback. From the main PS4 menu screen, acceess Settings on the top row of icons. Click Windows PC or Mac to download the PS4 Remote Play install file. Travis Boylls is a Technology Writer and Editor for wikiHow.

Starting Remote Play On Your Pc Or Mac

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I just always reach for my Switch instead of my PS4 controller when I feel like gaming, and I’d like Sony to change that. Streaming games from my PC goes without problem but when remote play is used it just starts dropping frames like crazy. I was streaming No Man’s Sky from my PS4 onto my iMac desktop without any noticeable problems.